Peter’s Group:


Peter Kepler: A former IDS Investigator, a rising star who suddenly went rogue, disappearing without a trace. Now he’s back, and it’s making people nervous. He combined the two most vital skills of a modern investigator – an almost supernatural ability to infiltrate digital systems and the ability to connect dots most people didn’t even know existed.











Mium Efiate: A quiet and generally respectful boy who can generally be found near Peter these days. His origin and story remain a mystery to most, and his skills are quite strange. Seemingly Peter’s quite competent aide in whatever his plot is, there are a lot of people who would like to know exactly who he is, and where he came from. Seems to have a perplexing sense of humor; or maybe he's just... odd.










Naomi Atarah:

A girl that was a self-described hero without a cause until she met Peter. While not shining in many of the fields that mages are traditionally valued on, and perhaps barely having the ability to do complex magical calculations at all, she makes up for it with power and physical talent. Though others in her position would use an autocaster, she prefers to rely on brute force and enthusiasm.









IDS, Criminal Investigations:

Kallisto Summers: An IDS Enforcer, Peter’s former partner, once she and Peter were jointly instrumental in their meteoric rise, she was left behind when he went rogue. Having transferred to IDS Criminal Investigations from IDS Situation Containment, colloquially known as Monster Hunters, she was responsible for bringing down the target when Peter tracked them down, and as good at her role as he was at his. She is resentful and suspicious of Peter’s sudden defection, as they were quite close before it.










Arron Kepler: The local Director for the IDS Criminal Investigations. His name is a well known one, a hero of times gone by who serves from the desk now. He was quite proud of his nephew’s rise through the ranks, and is deeply concerned by his defection. He cooperates as ordered, but is frequently concerned with growing lack of transparency in the IDS and its goals, though he remains quite loyal to the organization. Having fought in the war that founded it, he knows the risks of a world without it all to well.











Levenworth Special Academy:


Tyler Weber: A foreigner to Malsa, he is quite loyal to his adoptive country. Determined, ambitious, upstanding, and generally exceedingly talented both as a mage and a leader, the Bureau recognized his merit, and responded accordingly. Placing him at the head of a new branch, the Magical Security Branch, known as the MSB, tasked with finding, investigating, and enforcing in all matters where the breach of law in magic and dimensional matters is concerned. Unfortunately this is shared turf with the IDS, and they are not fond having a shared jurisdictional.







Amy Selah: A competent mage who serves as Tyler's assistant and nominal second in the MSB, she is quick to judgement and easily irritated, but dutiful and competent in both her role in the MSB and as a mage. Though lacking in impressive power, she is known to work hard and research extensively to keep her place at the top of the class.







Mione: Tyler's self-appointed bodyguard, she is a cheerful if somewhat rowdy girl, who rarely takes things too seriously unless her colleagues are in danger. Unusually competent in the physical aspects of combat with high defenses, she serves as the front line of the Magical Security Bureau. Fairly clever, but tends to not get carried away with thinking things through beyond idle musing.








Maia Ethi: A short, rarely smiling woman.








Magnolia Dai: A tall, smiling woman.









Marc Idunni: Suspicious and quick to anger, he generally looks stern, sometimes angry.