Comic 6 - Comic #6

22nd Dec 2015, 5:40 PM in Chapter One
Comic #6
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pastutopia 22nd Dec 2015, 5:40 PM edit delete
The comm network can (and usually does) show more detailed and human looking avatar. Peter's This mysterious cloaked person's avatar is intentionally not.

Edit** For anyone that's wondering why there hasn't been an update in a bit... unfortunately our foolish artist (me) hurt their wrist, likely from drawing too much. While we evaluate how bad it is and what needs to be done, I've limited my drawing time severely. I will continue to update once I know more.

You can always read ahead at and catch up live version that is still updating, but I do plan to continue this version to spare people having to read through that art once I can! It's mostly a matter of knowing if drawing more will hurt my wrist more right now, and what I'm supposed to be doing (talking to Physical Therapists and what-not - no worries on medical bills, I have insurance and so forth).
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ProfEtheric 23rd Dec 2015, 12:27 AM edit delete reply
Ooohhhh... So far, I am REALLY intrigued. Keep up the good work!
pastutopia 23rd Dec 2015, 8:02 PM edit delete reply
Thanks! Looking forward to paying off some of this intrigue debt we are building ;)
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